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1time 1. Time time; at Christmas; yesterday; today; tomorrow; in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening; at night; 52 weeks; day; all day long; 7 days; 7 days a week; 24 hours; in 24 hours; 60 minutes; 100 years; 12 months; 60 seconds
2person1 2. Personality personality traits; aggressive; brave; ambitious; easy-going; emotional; energetic; friendly; funny; generous; happy (with); hard-working; helpful; impatient; lazy; loyal (to); passionate; patient; polite (to); proud; reliable; self-confident; selfish; serious; shy; sociable; strict; unreliable
3noun1 3. Nouns 1 take action; activity; community; condition; take the decision; difference (between); respect; pay respect; lift limitations; investigation; movement; period; position; process; property; situation; source; support; gain the support (of); theory; value; increase the value (of); family values; voice
4. Adjectives 4 artificial (material); experienced (teacher); complimentary (copy/ticket); incredible (result/success); long-term (plan/benefit); manual (work); misleading (information/advertisement); moderate (risk/amount); mysterious (man/incident); precise (numbers/prediction); pregnant; profitable (business); appropriate (answer/use); regular (visitor/habit); smooth (road/skin); solid (construction/evidence); subsequent (payment/success); typical; vigorous (workout/actions); violent (behaviour/film); congested (streets/road)