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1animals 1. Animals and Pets pet; animal; cow; sheep; pig; chicken; duck; goose; horse; elephant; monkey; tiger; lion; giraffe; snake; cat; dog; fish; turtle; parrot
2ad4 2. Adjectives 4 active; passive; complete; incomplete; dangerous; safe; familiar; new; general; specific; legal; illegal; outside; inside; past; future; perfect; bad; soft; hard
3person2 2. Personality 2 arrogant; courageous; creative; demanding; forgetful; humble; imaginative; irresponsible; narrow-minded; obedient; outgoing; reserved; tempered; tender; tolerant; vivacious
4pers2 4. Personality 2 bubbly; candid; conceited; determined; gullible; impetuous; indecisive; lenient; light-hearted; malicious; obstinate; reckless; self-assured; smart