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1numbers1 1. Numbers 1 zero; one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten; eleven; twelve; thirteen; fourteen; fifteen; sixteen; seventeen; eighteen; nineteen
2job_adj1 2. Jobs. Adjectives boring (job); creative (job); dangerous (job); difficult (job); easy (job); exciting (job); relaxing (job); safe (job); stressful (job); well-paid (job); temporary (job); permanent (job); full-time (job); part-time (job)
3verb4 3. Verbs 4 affect; allocate; announce; chase; clear; delete; deny; emerge; enclose; present; prevent; prove; quit; reply (to); require; rescue; resist; specify; terminate; terrify
4pers3 4. Personality 3 arrogance; compassion (for); courage; creativity; dishonesty; generosity; imagination; kindness; meanness; modesty; obstinacy; passion (for); lose (my) patience; keep (my) patience; selfishness; sensitivity; overcome (my) shyness; sincerity; tolerance (for); flatter (her) vanity; boost (my) confidence