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1prepositions 1. Prepositions of Place in (the cupboard); on (the table); under (the bed); in front of (the hotel); opposite (the shop); above (the window); behind (the sofa); below (the picture); between (two houses); next to (my office)
2adj2 2. Adjectives 2 crazy; calm; effective; ineffective; heavy; light; large; small; quick; slow; common; exceptional; successful; unsuccessful; true; false; usual; unusual
3. Nouns 5 make arrangements; complete arrangements; upset arrangements; attack (on); cause; ready for collection; out of employment; terminate his employment; equipment; a matter of great importance; importance; under the influence of …; influence (on); a lack of …; on special occasions; suitable occasion (for); in my opinion; share his opinion; without the option (of); payment (for); possibility; requirements (for); solution to the problem; come up with a solution; give a speech; strategy; violate terms; cause trouble; in trouble
4movement 4. Movement clamber; collapse; collide; crawl; creep; glide; hop; limp; punch; race; shove; skip; slap; stagger; sink; sink like a stone; grasp