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my family My Family family; a boy; a girl; a man; a woman; 2 women; (her) husband; (his) wife; (our) parents; (her) father; (his) mother; (their) children; (my) son; (his) daughter; (my) brother; (his) sister; (our) grandparents; (his) grandmother; (her) grandfather; (my) granddaughter; (their) grandson; (our) grandchildren; relatives; uncle; aunt; cousin; nephew; niece
1descr_people Appearance and personality beautiful; nice; ugly; tall; short; fat; thin; shy; smart; talkative; young; appearance; age; young; elderly; middle-aged; old; toddler; teenager; height; tall; short; medium height; fit; medium built; skinny; tanned; plump; obese; overweight; lean; dark-haired; fair (hair); auburn (hair); beard; moustache; going bald; fringe; wavy (hair); straight (hair); eyebrows; eyelashes; fashionable; elegant; scruffy; attractive; handsome; pretty
1myday1 My Day (I) wake up; (I) get up; (I) have a shower; (I) have breakfast; (I) go to work; (I) go for a walk; (I) have lunch; (I) go shopping; (I) come home; (I) cook dinner; (I) have dinner; (I) listen to the radio; (I) wash the dishes; (I) watch TV; (I) take a hot bath; (I) go to bed
2everyday1 Everyday things arrive at work; bake the cake; clean the house; clean the windows; cook; decorate the flat; do nothing; do the homework; do the housework; do the laundry; do the washing-up; drive to work; go to sleep; take a bath; have a break; hoover; invite friends (around); iron; lay the table; make the bed; tidy up; use the Internet; walk the dog; take a walk; take out the garbage
travel in english Travelling 1 travel; fly; fly to …; fly from …; fly back (from); go on vacation; go sightseeing; go to the seaside; nightlife; pack the suitcase; relax; stay in the hotel; sunbathe; go abroad; go camping; go on holiday; go sightseeing; have a good time; learn a foreign language; learn English; rent a car; spend money; stay in a hotel; sunbathe; swim in the pool; take pictures (of…); taste local food; visit museums
3travel1 Travelling 2 arrive at the hotel; arrive in London; at the campsite; depart (from); reach (your) destination; for a fortnight; get a tan; go to the seaside; have a picnic; head for; hitchhike; take out insurance; detailed itinerary; package tour; put up a tent; set off (for); on a business trip; trip
1sport1 Sports and free time (I) go hunting; (we) go jogging; (I) go sailing; (we) go skating; (I) go skiing; (they) play basketball; (I) play football; (I) play golf; (we) play table tennis; (they) play volleyball
2hobby2 Hobbies and Sport play tennis; go diving; go fishing; go hiking; go swimming; do boxing; do karate; play cards; play chess; play darts; play guitar; play snooker; do gardening; go cycling; go jogging; night out; go clubbing; draw; eat out; go to the gym; go out; listen to music; paint; read; see a movie; walk; borrow books (from the library); do sport
fruit in English Fruit and Vegetables Fruit in English: potatoes; bananas; beans; carrot; cucumbers; some fruit; garlic; grapes; melon; mushrooms; onion; oranges; pears; pineapple; plums; apples; strawberries; tomatoes; vegetables; watermelon
2food1 Food and Drink caviar; cream; french fries; lamb; hamburger; ice-cream; jam; pastry; pie; salad; salmon; sandwich; seafood; shrimps; snacks; soup; steak; turkey; veal; red wine; white wine; instant coffee; ground coffee; beef; beer; bread; butter; cereal; cheese; chicken; chocolate; coffee; eggs; fish; ham; juice; meat; milk; pork; rice; sugar; tea; yoghurt
2eat1 Eating eat; drink; chew; sip; cut; eat with chopsticks; bite; meal; order a starter; for the starter; for the main course; for dessert; side dish; napkin; pass the salt; put some pepper (on); vinegar; olive oil; try; eat with (your) hands; take sugar in (your) coffee; propose a toast; local speciality; the dish of the day
3cook Cooking add (salt); bake (a cake); freeze; grate (carrots); serve … cold; serve … hot; boil (for 10 minutes); chop (onions); peel (potatoes); remove (skin); steam; simmer; slice (mushrooms); dice (potatoes)
1color1 Colors colour; white; black; blue; green; red; orange; yellow; pink; grey; brown; purple; dark; light
1clothes1 1. Clothes clothes; a pair of socks; a short skirt; cap; comfortable shoes; hat; in a suit; light coat; long-sleeved shirt; pull on (my) T-shirt; pull on (her) gloves; pull on (my) trousers; rain boots; shirt and tie; silk scarf; slip into (his) jacket; slip out of (his) jacket; thick sweater; tight shorts; wedding dress; worn-out jeans; leather belt; wear; put … on; take … off
1home_furniture1 Home and Furniture (sit) in the armchair; in bed; on the carpet; on the chair; in the cupboard; in the fridge; in the picture; on the sofa; use the stairs; on the stove; on the table; at the table; in the wardrobe; (look) out of the window; in the kitchen; in the bedroom; in the living room; in the bathroom
2kitchen1 In the kitchen in the fridge; in the oven; on the stove; boil the kettle; heat the pan; sauce pan; dish; fork; spoon; fill the cup; mug; use the knife; bowl; in the kitchen; on the chair; coffee maker; dishwasher; in the freezer; put it in the microwave; on the shelf; in the sink; in the waste bin; foil; cling film; corkscrew; tin opener; worktop
2bedroom1 In the bedroom and bathroom pillow; duvet; alarm clock; closet; mirror; shower; in the bath; on the mat; stand on scale; turn the tap; in the washing machine
2living1 In the living room in the bookcase; sit in the armchair; sit on the chair; sleep on the sofa; turn on the light; turn off the light; open the curtains; close the curtains; on the coffee table; wall unit; pictures; vacuum cleaner
1personal_things1 1. Personal Things (my) book; (your) car; (her) chain; (his) dictionary; (my) earrings; (your) glasses; (my) handbag; (your) keys; (his) mobile; (her) notebook; (our) photos; (your) ring; (my) umbrella; (your) wallet; (his) watch
1jobs2 People and Jobs an architect; an athlete; a director; a doctor; an engineer; a farmer; an instructor; an investor; a listener; a musician; an organiser; a painter; a patient; a player; a politician; a professor; a scientist; a singer; a soldier; a worker; a businessman; a cook; a doctor; a police officer; a receptionist; a student; a teacher; a waiter; a waitress; a lawyer; a manager
2jobs1 Jobs a fire-fighter; a hairdresser; a nurse; a security guard; a shop assistant; a worker; an accountant; an artist; an engineer; a babysitter; a bricklayer; a carpenter; a chambermaid; a cleaner; a labourer; a plumber; a welder; an electrician; an operative
1numbers1 Numbers 1 zero; one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten; eleven; twelve; thirteen; fourteen; fifteen; sixteen; seventeen; eighteen; nineteen
1numbers2 Numbers 2 twenty; twenty-one; twenty-two; thirty; thirty-eight; forty; fifty; sixty; seventy; eighty; ninety; one hundred; one hundred one; one hundred two; two hundred; one thousand; two thousand; one million; three million
2numbers1 Numbers 3 percent; number; degree; quarter; half; odd numbers; even numbers; figures; graph; on a massive scale; rate; weight; width; height; length; depth; a great deal (of); count; measure; sufficient; substantial; excessive; insufficient
1time Time time; at Christmas; yesterday; today; tomorrow; in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening; at night; 52 weeks; day; all day long; 7 days; 7 days a week; 24 hours; in 24 hours; 60 minutes; 100 years; 12 months; 60 seconds
2time1 Time words in the past; in the distant past; in the recent past; in the future; in the distant future; in the 20th century; millenium; at the moment; always; usually; often; sometimes; hardly ever; never; once (a week/a day); twice (a day/a month); three times (a day/a week/a month); tonight; next (week/month); last (week/month); every day; on time; half; quarter; late; early; the other day; long ago; daily; weekly; monthly; annually; decade
1days1 1. Days and Holidays on Monday; on Tuesday; on Wednesday; on Thursday; on Friday; on Saturday; on Sunday; on Fridays; on the weekend; on weekdays; on New Year's Eve; on New Year's Day
1seasons 1. Seasons and months season; in winter; in spring; in summer; in autumn; in January; in February; in March; in April; in May; in June; in July; in August; in September; in October; in November; in December
1weather1 The Weather and Climate weather; It's sunny; It is windy; It's cloudy.; It is rainy; It's snowy; It is foggy; It's chilly; It is hot; It's cold; It is dry; It's damp; (It's) boiling hot; light breeze; (It's) drizzling; fair weather; weather forecast; (It's) freezing; heat wave; heavy rain; hurricane; in the sunshine; strong wind; summer shower; thick fog; through the fog
1body 1. Parts of the body around (her) waist; around (your) neck; blow (your) nose; brush (my) teeth; can't believe (my) ears; have (your) hair cut; in (his) hand; in (my) stomach; in (your) eyes; in (your) mouth; on (his) knees; on (my) back; on (your) face; on (your) head; on (his) leg; on (your) lips; on (your) shoulder; walk arm in arm; with (your) fingers; with (your) foot
1health1 1. Health and illness health; (I have) a backache; (I have) a cold; (I have) a cough; (I have) a headache; (I have) a sore throat; (I have) a stomach-ache; (I have) a toothache; (I have) an earache; (I have) the flu
City in English 1. In the city at school; at the factory; at the hotel; at the train station; in hospital; at the airport; in the castle; in the downtown; in the house; in the museum; in the shopping centre; in the car park; at the embassy; at kindergarten; at the market; monument; in the park; along the pavement; on the road; along the road; in the square; along the street; in the street; in the suburbs; at the subway station; in the theatre; tower; town hall; at the traffic lights; at university; viewpoint; in the library; ask for directions; give (me) directions to …; in the downtown
1places1 1. Places in the capital; in the city; in the field; on the island; a plot of land; in the mountains; in the ocean; in the park; at a crowded place; in the river; in the sea; in the square; in the street; in the village; in the countryside; in the flat; in the house
1transport 1. Transport (I) go by car; (I) go by bus; (I) go by train; (I) go by plane; (I) go by tube; (I) go by bike; (I) go on foot; the bus fare; pay the full fare; by boat; by helicopter; by ship; by taxi; by underground; embark (on); receive a fine (for); packed; passengers (for London); jump the queue; join the queue; wait in the queue; during the rush-hour; according to the timetable; in the timetable; train timetable; a one-way ticket; a return ticket; a valid ticket; ride (my) bike; ride the train; ride the horse; drive home; drive (from … to …); drive the bus; fly the plane; catch the bus; catch the train; miss the bus; miss the train; take the subway; take the taxi; cancel; change at …; a delay (of 20 minutes); without a delay; get off the bus; get on the bus; leave the harbour; leave for …; a shortcut to …; take a shortcut to …
1computers1 Computers and the Internet hit the button; cancel the download; click the link; put the cursor; delete the file; on the desktop; double-click the icon; edit the document; replace the hard drive; icon; input data; on the keyboard; on the monitor; move the mouse; save your work; digital camera; digital world; download the file; account; attach (to); browse; community; download; forward; google; offline; online; profile; share; subscribe (to); upload; write a comment
1zodiac11 1. The Zodiac zodiac sign; (I'm) an Aquarius.; (He's) a Pisces.; (She's) an Aries.; (I'm) a Taurus.; (He's) a Gemini.; (She's) a Cancer.; (I'm) a Leo.; (He's) a Virgo.; (She's) a Libra.; (I'm) a Scorpio.; (He's) a Sagittarius.; (She's) a Capricorn.
1language 1. Languages learn French; learn German; learn Italian; learn Japanese; learn Swedish; speak Chinese; speak English; speak Greek; speak Korean; speak Polish; speak Portuguese; speak Russian; speak Spanish; speak Turkish; speak Ukrainian
1movement1 1. Movements (Verbs) catch; climb to; dance; fall; fall off; fall down; fight; fight with; fight for; hit; jog; jog along; jump; jump off; lie; punch; run to; run out of; shake; shake hands with; swim in; swim across; turn; turn right; turn left; walk along
1animals 1. Animals and Pets pet; animal; cow; sheep; pig; chicken; duck; goose; horse; elephant; monkey; tiger; lion; giraffe; snake; cat; dog; fish; turtle; parrot
1office1 1. School and Office at the desk; grab a pen; in the bookcase; in the textbook; mix paint; on the board; on the map; on the poster; some paper; take a ruler; use scissors; use the eraser; write in pencil
1qustions Questions who; what; where; why; when; how; how much; how many; how far; how long; how big
1prepositions 1. Prepositions of Place in (the cupboard); on (the table); under (the bed); in front of (the hotel); opposite (the shop); above (the window); behind (the sofa); below (the picture); between (two houses); next to (my office)
1verbs1 1. Verbs 1 agree (with); change; change clothes; close; control; happen (to); live; live together; look at; move; move house; need; open; pull; push; return (to/from); show; start; stop; study; touch; try; use
1verbs2 1. Verbs 2 add; call; call back; celebrate; check; create; die (of …); finish; follow; hug; kiss; laugh at …; learn; play; press; receive; seem; smile at …; smoke; switch; test
1adj1 1. Adjectives 1 modern (style); old (house); (he's) ill; (I'm) healthy; good (weather); bad (day); big (bag); small (car); legal (rights); (It's) illegal; cheap (thing); expensive (restaurant); clean (room); dirty (kitchen); easy (task); difficult (exercise); fast (train); slow (speed)
1adj2 1. Adjectives 2 happy; unhappy; high; low; cold; hot; early; late; rich; poor; right; wrong; strong; weak; noisy; quiet; friendly; unfriendly; wide; narrow
1phrasal2 1. Phrasal Verbs come in; go out for; go out with; look for; look out; put … off (until); run into; set off for; turn … off; turn … on; write … down
3emo1 3. Moods and Emotions 1 amazed; annoyed (at/with); get annoyed; (I'm) bored (with); get bored (with); (I'm) bored to death; calm; keep calm; cheerful; irritable; depressed (about); get depressed (about); disappointed (with); exhausted (from); furious (about/with); get furious; hopeful (about); remain hopeful (about); impulsive; interested (in); get interested; (feel) miserable (about); (I'm) nervous (about); get nervous; a nervous breakdown; scared (of); scared stiff; sentimental; thoughtful; upset (about); get upset (about); naughty; moody
3relation1 3. Attitudes and Relationships 1 admire; break up with …; (I) can't stand; fall out with …; feel guilty; feel sorry for …; get on well with …; hate … for …; have a lot in common (with); ignore; (I'm) in love with; (I) fall in love (with); miss; tolerate; trust; turn … down; (she's) in relationships; family commitments; have an affair
3educat1 Education. School and University higher education; complete (his) education; take the exam; pass the exam; fail the exam; improve (my) skills; develop (my) skills; enter the university; finish school; graduate from university; gain some experience; pay attention (to); concentrate (on); enrol on the course; attend classes; miss classes; get good marks; a mark (for); do homework; do well (in); fee
3have 3. Phrases with HAVE (I) have a break; (they) have a class; (I) have a cold; (I) have a cup of coffee; (I) have a date; (I) have a drink; (I) have a good time; (I) have a headache; (I) have a meal; (they) have a meeting; (we) have a party; (I) have a snack; (I) have an appointment; (they) have an argument; (I) have breakfast; (they) have dinner; (I) have flu; (they) have lunch; (I) have the exam; (they) have trouble
2feelings1 2. Feelings (I) like; (I) enjoy; (I) love; (I) dislike; (I) hate; (I) want; (I) prefer; (I) hope; (I'm) happy; (I'm/I feel) sad; (I'm/I get) upset; (I'm/I get) angry; (I'm) surprised; (I'm/I feel/I get) tired; (I'm/I feel/I get) bored; (I'm/I feel/I get) hungry; (I'm) sick; (I'm/I feel) hot; (I'm/I feel) cold; (I'm/I feel/I get) thirsty
2attitudes1 2. Attitudes and Beliefes (I) believe in …; I don't mind.; (I) expect (that); (I) suspect (that); (I'm) fond of …; In my opinion …; I must admit (that); (They) recommend; I can't make up my mind.; (I) reject …
2talk-write1 Talk and write answer; answer the question; argue (with); ask; ask a question; criticise; explain (to); interrupt; interview; mention; recommend (to); suggest; tell the story; tell a lie; chat (with/about); persuade
3work1 Work work in shifts; work overtime; apply for a job; (I'm) responsible for; (I'm) satisfied with; fill in the application form; retire; resign; lay off; fired; work for a big company; earn; get holiday pay; get sick pay; assemble; build; clean; cook; deliver; draw; grow; guard; help; operate; paint; repair; sell; serve; teach; type; wash; write; boring (job); creative (job); dangerous (job); difficult (job); easy (job); exciting (job); relaxing (job); safe (job); stressful (job); well-paid (job); temporary (job); permanent (job); full-time (job); part-time (job)
2shopping1 2. Shopping buy; exchange (for); find; get a refund; keep the receipt; look for; offer a discount; order; at a high price; at a low price; pay by card; pay cash; pay for; proof of purchase; return; sell; try … on; a good deal; sold
2money1 Money borrow; earn money; invest (your money); lend; spend (your) money; waste (your) money; pay taxes; pay the fine; salary; (I'm) hard-up; (I'm) short of money; (It's) expensive; (It's) cheap; loan; get a loan; apply for a loan
2countryside1 2. In the Country in the countryside; in the town; in the village; on the farm; on the island; in the field; in the mountains; in the forest; in the lake; in the river; along the path; wildlife; in nature
2hotel1 At the hotel check in; check out; book a room; fill in the form; pay the bill; pay cash; by credit card; reserve; reservation; confirmation; receipt; check-out time; on departure; on arrival; in advance; hangers; iron; ashtray; laundry; outlet; repair; service; sheets; sign; signature; valuables; twin; chambermaid; receptionist; porter; lobby; luggage; key card; self-catering breakfast; air-conditioner; cheaper; better; quieter
2lang_learn1 Language learning foreign language; learn; learn English grammar; grammar rules; build your vocabulary; vocabulary; revise; make the wordlist; exercise; fluent English; speak fluently; listen to; write; understand; read; familiar; unfamiliar; mix up; remember; memorise; words; phrases; sentence; dictionary; check; translate (from … to …); repeat; master my English; pronunciation; foreign accent; strong accent; speak with an accent; do an English course; native language; pronounce; practise
2adj1 2. Adjectives 1 full; empty; dry; wet; clever; stupid; kind; unkind; correct; wrong; different; similar; handy; inconvenient; huge; tiny; important; unimportant; global; local
2adj2 Adjectives 2 crazy; calm; effective; ineffective; heavy; light; large; small; quick; slow; common; exceptional; successful; unsuccessful; true; false; usual; unusual
2adj3 2. Adjectives 3 available; unavailable; comfortable; uncomfortable; healthy; sick; negative; positive; nice; ugly; open; closed; possible; impossible; right; wrong; similar; different; useful; useless
2ad4 2. Adjectives 4 active; passive; complete; incomplete; dangerous; safe; familiar; new; general; specific; legal; illegal; outside; inside; past; future; perfect; bad; soft; hard
2phrasal1 2. Phrasal Verbs 1 break down; come in; fall down; find … out; get up; give up; go out; grow up; hand out; look after; pay back; put … on; screw up; try on; write down
2phrases_get1 2. Phrases with GET get home; get dressed; get a job; get a taxi; get married; get back (from); get to; get old; get together; get better; get into trouble; get on (her) nerves; get sick; get rid of
2phrases_do1 2. Phrases with DO / MAKE do (him) a favour; do business (with); do homework; do the dishes; do the exercises; do the shopping; do without; make a decision; make a mistake; make a phone call; make an appointment (with); make a good impression; make coffee; make notes; make tea; make the right choice
3enviro1 The Environment acid rains; chop down; affect climate; living creatures; die of cancer; severe flood; a gloomy forecast; combat global warming; inhabit Earth; life-expectancy; melt; nuclear energy; pollute; fight pollution; cause pollution; cut down rain forests; soil; extinct species; face starvation; survive; survive the drought; unpolluted; take urgent actions; hazardous waste; reduce waste

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